MyKnottyHobby | Fixing problems on my amigurumi crochet unicorn
I ran into a few hiccups creating my jumbo amigurumi unicorn. See how I fixed these issues.
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Amigurumi Unicorn Hiccups

I started my jumbo plush unicorn last week. I wrote the pattern as I went a long, thinking the crochet God’s would come together, pave the way for my success and bam I’d produce the cutest unicorn ever. Well, it hasn’t really worked out that way, so here’s how I’m solving the issues… without help from the Crochet Gods.

The unicorn is cute, no doubt,  but there’s been a few hiccups along the way.

1. Legs were too long, she almost looked like one of those mechanical creatures from star wars.

The fix:

This was an easy fix, I simply frogged a few rows and they were perfect.  Be sure to use a stitch marker when frogging out rows, it’s easy to get lost or lose count.

Before frogging 6 rows from the legs

2. Yarn puckering. Maybe this is one of the reasons I haven’t seen a lot of chunky yarn amigurumi, when working in the round I found the first 4 rounds would pucker.

The fix: manipulate and tug the yarn as you go. Loosen your tension a bit. I consider blocking it, which would probably help, instead I did extra stuffing to smooth out the puckering.

The hooves look sunk in from puckering

3. The head is too big and heavy

The fix:

This part was pretty tricky. I’d start by putting more stuffing in the body, especially where the body meets the head. I kept the body with open stitches because I originally planned on attaching with the open stitches from the head. Instead I used the open stitches in the head to attach the nose. So, I positioned the head where I wanted it and attached. The head was too droopy, and was starting to look more like Eeyore, than a happy unicorn. What I did was anchored the head. After sewing it on I grabbed the starting point of the head and pulled it back and secured with more yarn. I hope the pictures help explain.

Using the starting point to anchor the head

4. The horn was too long

The fix:

I wanted an over the top, magical horn but the one I originallyadd was Waaaay to long. Unlike the legs, I couldn’t just frog a few rounds. So I started with a chain of 18, instead of 22. It turned out perfect.

The horn should be slightly taller than the ears


I’m still working on the facial features, and hair. If I should run into any more hiccups I’ll update this post.



  • Deborah Keith
    Posted at 01:19h, 09 August Reply

    How do I aget the pattern for AMIGURUMI UNICORN HICCUPS, I would l;ove tp make opne for myself. Please, email me the pattern at PrincessQueen61@Gmail.Com.

    Thank You,

    Deborah Keith

  • Sharon Foltz
    Posted at 18:16h, 27 August Reply

    I would love this pattern, also. Has it been published yet?

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