MyKnottyHobby | Coaching
Learn to crochet and do amigurumi while joining a community of crafters who have a serious yarn obsession.
Crochet, Crochet Tutorials, Learn to Crochet, Learn Amigurumi, Free Crochet Patterns
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Tired of hitting the re-set button on your crochet journey?
Take control of your projects and short cut your learning curve with one-on-one coaching.


The process is simple.
  1. Fill out this form and put Coaching in the subject.

  2. Briefly describe what you need help with.

  3. Via e-mail, we’ll discuss details and work out a block of time.

  4. Purchase your session and mark it in your calendar.

  5. A few minutes before our meeting, grab your hooks, hop on messenger with me and we’ll get right to work!