MyKnottyHobby | Crochet Tutorial - Stripey granny crochet blanket stitch
learn how to use the standing double crochet as an alternative turning chain, beginner tutorial on piecing together beautiful and unique blankets.
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Stripey Granny Stitch Blanket Pattern

Here is the super cute, highly requested tutorial for the stripey granny stitch blanket.

If written patterns aren’t your thing, check out the video tutorial made just for you.

You can get there by clicking here


Let’s get started….

Supplies needed

5.5 MM hook

Read heart super saver in ‘Pretty in pink’ (or a worsted weight yarn of your liking)

Red Heart With Love in ‘Pewter’


Wide eye sewing needle


Back Bump – when chaining, these are the loops located on the bottom of your chain.

Ch – Chain

St – Stitch

SC – Single crochet

DC – Double crochet

SDC – Standing double crochet, to do this: SC and ch.1


Note: I noticed after working row 5, an extra stitch is created, which means when you work out row 6 you have an extra stitch to skip at the end of the row.  As long as your groups of 3DC and SC made in the spaces, line up with the row your currently working on, it will work itself out. If you need a little more help figuring out what I mean here, shoot me a message on Facebook.


Ch. 23, using the back bumps of the ch, SC in 2nd ch from hook and in each stitch across (22)

When start the sequence over row 1 will be worked as followed

Row 1: SC in each st across, turn your work


Row 2: turn your work, in first st, SDC. Count as first dc here and through out entire pattern. Dc in each st across. ch.1 turn work(22)


Row 3: SC in first st and in each across. on the last stitch, start a SC, complete with pink. ch.1 turn your work (22)

Row 4: SC in first st, ch.2, skip 2 st, SC in next. *Ch.2, skip two st, SC in next* repeat *to* around, end with a SC in last  st. (7 spaces made)

Row 5: turn your work, SDC in first st, 3 DC into each space, end with a DC in the last st, finish by switching to gray,  ch.1 turn ( 7 groups of 3 DC)


Row 6: sc in first st, *ch.2, sc in spaces made from previous row* repeat from *to* around. end with a sc, complete st switching to pink. (7 spaces made)

Row 7: turn your work, SDC in first st, 3 dc into each space. in last st, DC and finish off with gray. (7 groups of 3 DC)

You’ll repeat rows 1-7 until you reach your desired length.

Finish off with rows 1- 3. Weave in all your ends and add a border if you’d like.



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